Well-being based on hormesis and neuroscienc

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„The training made me realize that I have the right to think for myself, that there are methods to help eliminate fear and fatigue…”

 „I have more awareness about what makes up my well-being and how I can take care of it on a daily basis. I have more confidence in myself.

Opinions of participants about our trainings

Do you feel that you need a moment for yourself? Do you want to get away from the daily hustle and bustle and take care of your resources? You have an undiscovered strength within you? Would you like to learn the secrets of your mind and body to achieve true well-being? If so – this training is just for you! Join us for an amazing journey of self-discovery – a 5-day training: from neuroscience, yoga, breathing, mindfulness and other methods of building your well-being! But beware, this is not a typical training – it’s a journey towards a better self in a good atmosphere and with full professionalism! 😊

Our Training Courses

 ✨ The main objective: To expand knowledge of mental and physical well-being and learn practical tools for achieving it.

  • to learn about good practices in the field of well-being, based on the latest scientific research
  • to develop competence in motivating adults in changing habits
  • teaching each other – discussions, exchange of experiences
  • motivation and integration of staff when sending more people
  • integration of participants and networking with other organizations
  •  cultural exchange

Training program for 5 days:

  1. What is well-being and its three key elements.
  2. What lowers the level of well-being, from which the increase in emotional and psychological problems.
  3. The latest methods of caring for well-being, supported by scientific research, including neuroscience, hormesis.
  4. Practice: multifaceted techniques for building one’s mental resilience using movement, breathing, mindfulness, self-regulation, among others.
  5. How to motivate yourself to change and form good habits.
  6. A plan to implement actions to increase well-being in your organization.

Participants will receive a set of materials, tools for independent work, access to a learning platform with content in the form of ebooks and instructional videos.

Start taking care of your well-being today – go to the PLATFORM and see our materials!

Your journey with us will be full of benefits:

Participant Benefits:

  • You will discover techniques to help you deal with stress, negative emotions and lack of concentration.
  •  You will gain knowledge on how to take care of your well-being multifaceted – through movement, mindfulness and the use of hormesis.
  • You will learn motivational techniques to help you change your habits for the better.
  • You will learn stress management techniques: through mindfulness, neuroscience, you will learn how to better cope with daily challenges.
  • You will know how and where to find strength and energy within yourself.
  • You will learn how to build better relationships in both your professional and personal life.

Benefits for the organization:

  • Your employees’ stress levels and risk of burnout will decrease, which will contribute to an improved workplace atmosphere.
  • Your team will communicate better, which will translate into effective collaboration and achievement of common goals.
  • Your organization will become more agile – resilient to challenges, ready for change and growth.
  • Increased creativity and productivity: relaxed and motivated employees will be more willing to share ideas and take on new challenges.

Who is this training for?

  • for school staff and teachers
  • for adult educators
  • for vocational education trainers
  • for university staff
  • and more

Note: For groups of more than 10 people – customized training, tailored to the needs of the organization. For smaller groups – open training. Requirements: communicative English (possibility of a refresher course for Erasmus + funded training).


Krakow: Want to spend time in the cultural capital of Poland? Take a stroll through Krakow’s Market Square, Kazimierz district, feel the extraordinary atmosphere of Wawel Castle, Wieliczka Salt Mine? – welcome to Krakow!

  • fee per participant 400 euro
  • stay fee 80 – 118 euros / day
  • 3 star Cracow hotels | Campanile

Surroundings of Krakow

Would you like to spend time closer to nature, without the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the SPA 

Suggest a place that will meet your expectations!

Dates: October-November 2024 and January-March 2025.

Specific training dates will be confirmed – August 2024

With a closed group(<10 people) it is possible to set an individual training date.

You can have training for free – apply for a training trip in Erasmus +!

Who are we?

Understanding Foundation has been involved in conducting international projects and trainings on mental well-being, social integration and multiculturalism for years. We also organize activities and events for schools and families from different cultures, promoting multiculturalism, multilingualism, tolerance and integration. We believe in recognizing individual needs and creating flexible methods and programs for mental resilience, intercultural integration and education.

Our training is based on sound science, but delivered with passion and a good atmosphere.

Participants appreciate the changes they have implemented in their lives as a result of attending our trainings.

We have already trained more than 500+ people

Specific training dates will be confirmed – August 2024

With a closed group(<10 people) it is possible to set an individual training date.


Organizer/host institution:
Full name of the organization: Fundation Understanding
OID E10061323 
Address: Kraków 30-528; Jana Tarnowskiego 6/1
Country: Poland
Region/Voivodeship: Lesser Poland Voivodeship
City: Kraków
Website: www.understanding.pl
Is the organization a public law entity? yes
Is the organization a non-profit? yes