Qigong – exercises that heal

Oct 12, 2022 | Bez kategorii

What to do to strengthen mental resilience? One of the many methods we propose in our projects is Qigong – an ancient Chinese art of healing through movement.
Ola Mykowska
, our Qigng practitioner, believes that working with the body improves the functioning of the brain and body, making us more resilient and less susceptible to stress.
Benefits of practicing Qigong:
There are many scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of Qigong in shaping physical and mental well-being, strengthening the body and the immune system. Peter Deadman, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, lists the following benefits of practicing Qigong based on scientific research. It has been scientifically proven, among other things, that as a result of exercise, the following occurs:
Improved Physical and Mental Health:
● reduces chronic fatigue (also in people after oncological treatment)
● improves the quality of sleep
● reduces stress
● improves attention span in young people and mental functions in older people
● delays cognitive decline
● increases the quality of life and self-efficacy
● reduces anxiety and depression, including postpartum depression
Health Benefits:
● improves lung, kidney and heart function in people with diseases of these organs
● lowers blood pressure
● reduces the concentration of inflammation in the blood
● brings benefits in diseases such as: diabetic neuropathy, ● metabolic syndrome, multiple sclerosis
Improving Physical Fitness:
● reduces lower back pain and reduces the level of disability
● helps with inflammation of the joints, spine, knees
● increases the elasticity of the arteries
● increases muscle strength

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