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“Multilingual Families Club” project

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About the project

The “Multilingual Family Clubs” project aims to preserve the languages and cultures of immigrants living in the EU and to promote multilingualism among European society. The partnership will develop a comprehensive toolkit, including:

• Tips for successfully creating and running multilingual clubs in countries of Europe and the world;

• Activities and games for children and parents, specifically designed to promote multilingualism, multiculturalism and increase the competence of children and parents in mutual dialogue in their languages;

• Methodological guide for club organizers (primary schools, NGOs, recreation centers, etc.): how to run a club on a daily basis;

• Information to raise awareness of multilingualism among parents and educational institutions in the region.


As part of the project, the following will be created:

  • Let’s do it together! A guide with instructions and tips for setting up and running multilingual clubs

  • Let’s play with languages!
    Repository of activation exercises for multilingual families to be used in Clubs – exercises and games for children and parents, designed to promote multilingualism and improve the competences of children and parents in communicating with others in their language;
  • Let’s be multilingual! – Methodological guide for adult trainers with guidance on how to support multilingual families in their efforts to preserve their parents’ mother tongue(s);

  • ‘Multilingual Clubs’ Staff Training Programme
    – aimed at transferring the tools and methods developed in the project to educators interested in supporting multilingual families in developing their linguistic and cultural potential;

Parents will also receive the following support materials:

Guide ‘Why and how to be a Multilingual Family! A parent’s guide to motivating and engaging children to speak multiple languages’ – material containing information on how to raise multilingual children, maintaining the languages used in the family.


More information about the project can be found at:

The project will contribute to the preservation of the languages and culture of immigrants living in the European Union and to the promotion of multilingualism among European society.

Project Partners

The Understanding Foundation is a partner in this project, which we carry out in cooperation with: