Change from within

It’s important to learn from the best…

The “Change from within” project

The project is financed by the EEA Grants and with the active cooperation of our Icelandic partner Art of Living Iceland

About the project

The project is part of the “Education” programme. The aim of the programme is to bring about a change in the education system in Poland, which will contribute to improving the quality of life, reducing differences and strengthening Polish-Icelandic relations in this field.

The host of “Art of Living Iceland” is a model educational institution in Reykjavik, for years running programs to improve the quality of life by adapting yoga to the West, breathing techniques, mindfulness, and emotional and stress management for children, students, teachers, and parents. The organization also runs rehabilitation programs for addicts and convicted people and development programs for young people.

Polish experts in the field of Educators cooperating with the Understanding Foundation will observe and take part in a number of different trainings and meetings with institutions with which our host organization cooperates. Our goal is to learn from a more experienced organization and then apply best practices that can be adapted in Poland in our projects and educational programs.

Project Partners

Our partner in the project is Art of Living Iceland from Reykjavik. It is an international organization with programs and workshops for personal development, including elements of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and practical knowledge that leads to the elimination of stress and the improvement of the quality of life. More than 30 million people around the world have participated in the workshop so far. All the activities of Art of Living have one goal in common: to improve health and increase the level of happiness.