Multi Club

Learn, have fun and grow!

girl holding purple and green camera toy
boy sitting on bench while holding a book

About the project

The MULTI Club operated from 2017 to 2019 in Krakow. It was a place for meetings, integration of parents and games for children, animations and classes in different languages. As a foundation, but also as a group of committed parents, we wanted to create the most favorable conditions for children’s development, so that they could explore the world and learn its rules through play. Our activities and games were designed to use the potential of children. In particular, we focused on enabling the language development of young children, up to the age of 7.

We believe that the knowledge of several foreign languages means an easier start in the career, the opportunity to make international acquaintances and friendships, easier and more pleasant travelling. Knowledge of several languages will also enable your child to read literature, newspapers, information on the Internet in different languages. It will make it easier to study or live in another country. Multilingualism also brings a number of benefits in the form of better attention span or delaying senile dementia. A child up to about 7 years of age has innate mechanisms that make it easier for him to learn languages. Without any effort on his part, he can learn: the first natural language, the next few languages, as well as the language of mathematics, the language of reading, etc. The child doesn’t have to put any effort into it, he just plays and learns about the world, analyzes and creates his own representations in his head. An effort can be made by us: parents, caregivers, to provide the child with the right environment, the right amount and quality of stimulation and stimuli that can interest the child and make him have fun and learn at the same time.