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About the Foundation

The Understanding Foundation was established in 2016. The founder was Aleksandra Mykowska – a social psychologist and expert in social science. adult education. Soon after, Monika Śledź-Pacheco – a specialist in writing and project management, Ewelina Laprus – a social media person and organizer of all kinds of events, and Ela Wasil – a business psychologist and content manager joined the group.

In the initial period, the Foundation dealt exclusively with topics related to multiculturalism and multilingualism among children and adults, promoting communication in the language of the heart and the application of understanding and kindness towards oneself and others. Organization of activities and events for mixed families living in Krakow. However, over time, we have become interested in the topic of mental well-being, implementing programs supporting both parents, educators and teachers in building their inner mental resilience, which allows them to respond effectively in difficult and stressful situations in everyday life. And since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we have also been supporting refugee families and their children.

In order for our organization to be able to carry out its mission, we are looking for specialist knowledge, good practices and methods at the highest world level, in line with current trends, research and knowledge. We do our own research and evaluations of educational programs in order to provide educational materials at the highest level.

The Understanding Foundation creates educational materials, conducts workshops, stationary and remote courses, trainings and classes on topics related to building mental well-being and supporting mental resilience in private and professional life.

Our Mission


Mental well-being

In building mental well-being, by proposing and promoting various methods and techniques to strengthen mental resilience, so that everyone can choose the most effective one for themselves.

Promoting multilingualism

Among children and adults, helping foreigners living in Krakow/Małopolska to cultivate the language of origin in their families, helping Polish parents to develop multilingualism in their children from an early age.

Family integration

In creating social bonds, organizing interesting ways of spending free time, supporting in learning about foreign cultures and promoting tolerance towards people of other nationalities and cultures.

Supporting parents

In educating children in a way that is full of mutual respect and tolerance: non-violent communication, attachment parenting, positive psychology; Slow Life: Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga for Parents and Children.

Our Team

Aleksandra Mykowska

President of the Foundation

Social psychologist (Jagiellonian University), MBA graduate, practitioner in managing teams of several dozen people, implementer of numerous full-time adult education programs, blended learning, e-learning and Development Center processes. She managed the process of organization and substantive preparation of many courses for adults for over 10,000 people, co-author of her own online teaching methodology, the first research on intrinsic motivation for online learning. Presenter at the EDUCA Berlin conference and other international conferences.
Currently, a mother of 2 bilingual daughters, she studies and practices Attachment Parenting, NVC, Self Reg and other methods of building social-emotional competence and resilience in children. She is interested in the psychological aspects of well-being, she likes to scientifically verify psychological hypotheses. She has participated in numerous courses on coping with stress and trauma. She is currently in the process of certification in “Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy”. Her current interests are focused on the use of neuroscience and psychology and body-based approaches in building wellbeing education programs.

Dominika Stanek

Elżbieta Wasil

Coach, business psychologist, content manager. From the beginning of her professional career, she has been involved in education – through EU and educational projects for schools, produced with the Wieliczka Salt Mine, IMAX Cinema in Krakow, Cinema City. Editor and program director of the “Closer to Kindergarten” Educational Center (2005-2010). Co-author with Irena Majchrzak of the book “In Defense of Children’s Reason”. From 2019 to 2020, he was the director of the Non-Public Special School “Puzzle” in Krakow.

Dominika Stanek

Ewelina Laprus

MA in Cultural Studies, spec. Russian Studies at the Jagiellonian University, she also completed postgraduate studies in Humanitarian Aid at the University of Warsaw. Expert on marketing of the foundation and logistics coordinator and administrative manager. At the local level, it obtains grants for workshops, picnics, trips for refugee/migrant/Polish citizen families in order to integrate and improve their mental well-being. She is intensively involved in helping war refugees and works for the integration of foreigners and Poles. It organizes and transports humanitarian aid for the inhabitants of the war zones.

Monika Śledź-Pacheco

Project coordinator, family coach and NLP trainer. Master of Science in Economics and specialist in project and educational systems management. A migrant and mother of two active multilingual boys, who combines her passion for family development with intercultural experience. A collaborator of the HORN Kraków Sailing Club and the One World – One Heart Foundation, where she implements international projects on various topics, from education, through sailing, through the integration of foreigners, to support for migrant women.