Parent Club

Learn, have fun and grow!

girl holding purple and green camera toy
boy sitting on bench while holding a book

About the project

The Parent Club was run in cooperation with the Krakow City Hall in the years 2017-2019. It was affiliated with the Multi Club. It was a place for meetings, integration of parents and games for children up to 3 years of age. It was here that you could share your experiences, good practices, and problems related to having and raising children. As a foundation, but also as a group of committed parents, we wanted to create the most favorable conditions for children’s development, so that they could explore the world and learn its rules through play. Our activities and games were designed to use the potential of children. In addition, there were regular meetings with specialists – speech therapists, psychologists, midwives who tried to bring closer issues related to the health, development and upbringing of a child. This was especially important for young parents, who could not always find themselves in their new role and needed the support of experts.