Wellbeing at Kinder

Caring for our children’s teachers and caregivers

“Wellbeing at Kinder” project

ERASMUS+ KA220 – Partnerships for Cooperation in School Education
The project is implemented for 24 months: from 31.12.2022 to 30.12.2024

About the project

The project “Wellbeing at
provides preschool and nursery teachers, carers and staff with the tools they all need for mental wellbeing and resilience in their important and challenging role in early childhood education. The project recognises the need to build competences in kindergartens and nurseries so that their teachers and staff are more resilient, motivated and teach them how to build bonds and relationships with children and their parents.

After the pandemic, most children and families have lost emotional stability, contact and relationships with others, and once kindergartens and other institutions reopen, we need to rebuild this emotional balance and social bonds. A very important result of the project will be a social campaign building a stronger social image of nursery and kindergarten employees.

Our research shows that nursery school staff feel undervalued, and parents and society undervalue their work and professional preparation.

In the work of a teacher, mental condition is very important. In the modern professional world, the idea of taking care of the work environment and the “well-being” of employees is more and more common. A satisfied employee (teacher) in good mental and physical condition is priceless.

By taking care of the mental resilience of teachers, caregivers and other staff, we care about the mental well-being of our children!

In order to achieve its goals and objectives, the “Wellbeing at Kinder” project will implement a series of activities divided into 5 work packages, the results of which will be:


Handbook of mental well-being for kindergartens and nurseries

The programme’s handbook on mental resilience and well-being is based on the innovative use of various flexible methodologies.


Resilient teachers

Materials, activities and useful tools for preschool teachers to work and practice their resilience.


Building Teachers-Parent Relationships

A guide for preschool teachers and caregivers in preschools on how to build good relationships with parents, communicate with respect and understanding with systemic guidance and practices.

In the “Wellbeing at


project, we cooperate with experts from partner organizations in Greece, Romania, Cyprus and Italy:


NVC - United Kingdom


Cognitive Psychology – Romania


Contact with nature - Greece


Self-regulation - Poland


Positive Psychology – Cyprus


Mindfulness & Yoga - Italy

Project Partners

The Understanding Foundation is the leader of this project, we are implementing it in cooperation with: