Spring Greece 🌿

Mar 12, 2024 | Bez kategorii

Spring Greece hosted the team of the Wellbeing at Kindergarden project from 29.02.2024 to 01.03.2024. It was an extremely busy meeting. On the first day, we agreed on the results of the work done so far and the next milestones of the project along with their deadlines.
We are currently starting the final work on a textbook for kindergartens, which will be available on the educational platform in the coming months. In March, the research will start in kindergartens in 5 countries (Poland, Romania, Greece, Cyprus and Italy).
The second day was devoted to discussing the dissemination strategy of the project. However, the key event was forestry and outdoor education – a study visit to Παιχνιδαγωγείο – PAICHNIDAGOGEIO MONOPROSOPI IKE. We participated in forestry activities with children and got to know the kindergarten better. More about this inspiring event coming soon.

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