Communication that builds understanding

How to talk to reach an agreement

“Communication that builds understanding”

The project called 'Communication that builds understanding’ benefits from a grant of €122,871.00. The total amount of the grant awarded is 85% co-financed by funds received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Funds and 15% from the state budget. The aim of the project, which we will implement with our Icelandic partner Art of Living Iceland, is to develop tools introducing effective communication as well as peaceful and constructive solving of disputes and problems in the communities of children and adolescents.

About the project

The project „Communication that builds understanding” aims to develop tools introducing effective communication as well as peaceful and constructive solving of disputes and problems in the communities of children and adolescents. Make changes into the social space of new behavior patterns, enabling a constructive approach to challenges and building a system of preventing relationship problems and solving them in a way that is beneficial for all parties. The final addressee of the project are children and young people, as the project aims at permanent change through education at the earliest stages. The beneficiaries of the project will be school children and teenagers, teachers, people working in orphanages and community centers, probation officers, and family assistants. It will also indirectly affect the school staff, staff at work centers with children, family assistants, etc. The project assumes the creation of 3 results of intellectual work, over the turn of two years and with the participation of 5 specialists, 30 representatives of target and intermediate groups, with the active cooperation of our Icelandic partner Art of Living Iceland.

The main objectives

The results:

  1. Training package:

– theoretical and practical films, demonstrations and exercises with a discussion of tools,

– a series of trainings in nonviolent communication, techniques of coping with emotions,

– how to use the tool in remote work.

Training is prepared in two ways: adults with children and youth, conflict resolution through peer mediation.


  1. A manual for adults with theories, descriptions of tools and skills, practical tips with a discussion of the differences in the use of tools according to the 3 age groups. Online manual.


  1. Manual for children and adolescents containing a compendium of theoretical and practical knowledge in the form of comics supplemented with short descriptions. 5 comics for 3 different age groups.


The project aims to use institutional cooperation to improve the quality and adaptation of lifelong learning by developing and updating the educational offer, exchanging experiences and good practices, and organizing joint initiatives with the Icelandic partner Art of Living Iceland.

Our project partners

Our project partner is Art of Living Iceland from Reykjavik. It is an international organisation with personal development programmes and workshops, incorporating elements of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and practical knowledge that leads to stress elimination and improved quality of life. More than 30 million people around the world have participated in the workshops so far. All Art of Living activities have one goal in common: to improve health and increase happiness.